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Laying the foundation.



1. I ultimately intend to have "business cards" made up that have the website listed that people can consult for information.  Which means on the website we should have an "information" page that provides a list of articles pertaining to adjuncting and that sums up the main thoughts of these articles. I hate this fucking word, but this would ultimately help create synergy between the on-the-ground movement of Adjuncting the AT and the Website.

2. I'm literally thinking that I should somehow brand this to be that if I don't find employment in this years of applications. That after Katahdin, I'm going to just then wander to different communities and colleges, engaging to whoever will take me. Become a wandering academic or vagabond. If it's billed that way (perhaps?) it adds another sort of peculiar element to what I'm doing that is more attractive. (this could easily be something for a book, but perhaps I'm being naive) Nevertheless, Cara is right, in that there should be an end result to this (article, book). And Morgan is right that however this is marketed, needs to be done in a way that wraps in other peoples self-interest. Ultimately, what I believe is that everything about this needs to be packaged into a narrative. I need to find a compelling narrative, hopefully a dominant narrative, that shapes this project, makes it alluring, and moves it forward.  That's what I'll be likely thinking about when I finish this Chapter.

The above idea is from something I remember seeing a long time ago, and instead of me aimlessly walking, it'd be me walking around to different colleges and universities, speaking to whoever will talk to me.

3. For the above idea I like the idea that "contingent labor has forced me into a contingent way of life." Everything from my mental well-being, to the temporary nature of my apartment, to where I lived, was shaped by my contingent position that could be ended at any moment. And the only possible way I could take advantage of this "contingent" way of life, is to hike the AT. That's the only tangible benefit of contingent labor, and it's why I'm doing it.

4. Morgan suggested that this effort should have a bunch of unique things I do, creative ideas interspersed throughout the hike, to make sure that this is a fluidly evolving project, and not just something that gradually dulls as I just hike over and over for six months. I figured we could use this spot for ideas:

a. I initially thought I wasn't going to do [I cant say the name of the organization on the internet, but its what I do in Utah] Grading while on the trail. This would require me departing from the trail, getting a plane, going and grading, and then coming back. But I think if I don't have a job lined up by then, if I do this, it would actually be something completely unique. As an educator, I would leave the trail, go grade [corporation rescinded] papers, and come back to the trail. Entirely unique in AT history. This would be a cool blog post, and if I could ultimately convince [this organization] to help me present to high school teachers it would be cool. Even if I went with my pack this would be awesome. AT hiker at a national event for grading!

5. We should talk about this later, but I seriously need to think about book ideas. I read articles on this yesterday, and it appears one should have submit book ideas and have a book deal before they do their actual thing. I think this idea could sell. Apparently, the burden then is to write a one-page pitch to literary agents, who if they agree to work with you to sell your idea to publishers, will also want to have  documented examples of writing strength. Therefore, I think if this summer I write this one-page pitch (someone linked to a book on this on Amazon that will be awesome), and use the website to upload unique, highly written essays (2-4 pages in length, like your articles), I could potentially garner interest. I would need to find lots of interesting hooks (EAT PRAY LOVE LOL SMD), and I think I would have to sell why the book would sell (speaking to an adjunct audience that doesn't have a voice but they like to read) We need to talk about this idea.

I'm going to create a few seperate headings here, because venturing from page to page seems to be an issue... I'll fix it later, lol. smd lolololol


Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Google+, and so on...

Necessary Materials:Edit

Lifestraw, protein bars, maps, and all of that fun stuff.

Potential Meetings:Edit

Fellow adjucts, administrators, state by state places, etc. 

Notable Places:Edit

State by state locations to see, whether it's sight seeing or places to get food, do laundry, ... LAUNDRYYYYY. 

Future Website Ideas:Edit

This is not for the wiki, but rather the actual glossy website that will come later. All I can stress here is simplicity. I can set it up during the fall, and maintain it, but it can't become a Mountaineer Irony styled website where simple updates take forever. It has to be built for the sake of function above all else. Plus, I'll be dealing with comps in the January preceding this trip.

[Brandon:] Agreed. Also, I think we should place some websites here as some examples of stylistic, simplistic, or aesthetic website conventions we need to abide by.

Video Ideas:Edit

Ideas for videos to include, interviews, and all of that.

Article Ideas:Edit

This part speaks for itself.

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